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Frequently asked questions

What is the price of my ticket to come about?

After selecting the desired flight you will see the exact price structure of your flight (s). The price you see includes airport taxes (airport tax is a collective name for all fees and charges from the airport of departure and arrival will be charged to us) and any charter or weekend surcharges.  Back

When is my booking final?

Only after you have completed the payment details, have confirmed and received a booking number from us, your booking is final. Before all this has been confirmed you can feel free to view information on our site. Back

I get a confirmation of my booking?

Yes, you will receive after the booking a confirmation by email. So be careful that you enter your correct email address. You also get during the last step of your booking a confirmation number. Keep this number as it identifies your booking with associated data. Back

Can I contact or make a booking by phone?

Yes, you can also request information from us and make a book by phone. Please contact our call center, phone: +31 23 75 10 600 (local rate)   Back

How do I get my tickets?

Flights to Turkey with Corendon Airlines are without ticket; you do not get tickets for these flights from us. The only thing you need at the airport is your confirmation number and your valid passport or identity card. For flights with other airlines and / or to other destinations, the tickets are usually 7 days before departure sent by email. You should print out these tickets and take them to the airport. With last-minute bookings (departure within 7 days) we will send the tickets by e-mail after you have paid the full fare. If you do not have internet / printer then we can send the tickets by mail or have them ready at the airport of departure. If we put the tickets ready at the airport you may have here related costs (depending on the airport of departure). Back

What are my flight times?

The flight times are shown on your confirmation. Since you are using charter flights the published times are always subject to change(s). If any changes occur we will notify in good time. If your confirmation at the departure time and / or arrival time you will find for example 0:01, or you see the flight number HV000, this means that the exact flight number and time schedule at the time of booking is not yet known to us. You can then 7 days before departure, consult your flight times on We recommend you always to check 24 hours before departure your flight schedule on For actual departure times (on the day of departure), we recommend the website of the airport of departure. The operating carrier will notify any delays here. Back

Can I reserve a seat with extra legroom in advance?

Yes, you can reserve a seat in advance. You can select a seat online at Corendon Airlines & Corendon Dutch Airlines offers you the service that you can make a reservation for seats with extra legroom at a fee of € 15 per seat. This is first comes first served. Back

Can I check online in advance?

Yes, you can check in online 24 hours before departure and print your boarding pass. You go to (Internet check-in) and follow the indicated steps. The system will ask you a confirmation number. You can also print out a boarding card. If you are departing from Schiphol, you do just leave your suitcases to the drop-off points. At other airports, you go to the check in desk. Back

How can I pay?

You can pay by credit card. It is possible that the credit company charge a fee, (you find these costs back directly on your bill). You can also pay via iDeal (internet banking). In Belgium you can pay with Netbanking. For iDeal and Netbanking you pay no additional costs. Back

What time should I check in for my flight?

You should check-in for all our flights 2 hours before departure. Back

Can I still change my flight?

Changes to personal details
You can make changes to your name, date of birth or address easily and free of charge yourself via It is also possible to make changes to your personal details by calling our Contact Centre on 023-751 06 06. No costs are charged for this. 
Other changes longer than 8 weeks before departure
If you make changes to your ticket more than 8 weeks before departure, you will be charged EUR 30. If the price of a new ticket is higher, you pay the difference. If the price of the new ticket is lower, you will get the difference back, minus the 30 euros. 
Other changes within 8 weeks before departure
Within 8 weeks before departure, nothing can be changed, except for a mistake in your personal details. In that case, you will have to book a new ticket if you want to make any fundamental changes. 
Changes at the airport on the day of departure
Should you have any changes made to your name or date of birth at the airport, this will be at a charge anyway. These costs vary from €30 to the purchase of a new ticket, depending on the airline you are travelling with. Therefore, always check all your data carefully and make/make changes as soon as possible.

. Back

Can I cancel my already booked flight?

You can cancel your flight, but you will have 100% of the total agreed amount lost. This applies even if you miss your flight. terug

What travel documents should I bring?

For Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, you should hold a Dutch passport, Belgian passport or ID card which is valid at least until after returning home. For Egypt your travel document  must be valid at least 6 months on the day of homecoming. For Turkey, your travel document must be valid for three months to the day of homecoming. Do you travel with a Belgian passport then it must have at least 6 months validity upon return. You can only travel to Egypt with a passport! For Tunisia your travel document  must be valid at least 2 months on the day of homecoming (for people with a Dutch nationality of an identity card valid for three months on the return date when booking was made by a tour operator). Conditions, with the documents provided by us there is a voucher from the hotel. This you show at the airport of arrival.

For other nationalities and for the latest information on visa and travel documents always refer to Back

Do I need a visa?

For Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria no visa is required. For Egypt Dutch and Belgian passport holders need a visa which you can buy upon arrival at the airport for  € 15, - per person. People with a nationality other than Dutch or Belgian must themselves contact the relevant embassy or consulate. For the latest information on visa and travel documents always refer to Back

How much baggage can I take?

Corendon Airlines
For your Corendon Airlines flight, your chosen fare determines whether and how much baggage is included in your ticket. As soon as you search for flight availability on this website and then click on your desired date and flight, you will see which fares are available for your flight. You will also immediately see what baggage and/or extras (such as online check-in, airport check-in, seat reservation and priority check-in/priority boarding) are included. An overview of the four ticket fares offered by Corendon Airlines and the corresponding benefits you can find at

Good to know:

  • Hand luggage may only consist of one small handbag, laptop bag or backpack (max. 8kg). This includes baby items that are used on board. Your may carry your trolley (max. dimensions 55 x 40 x 25 cm) on board as hand luggage. The purser on your flight may decide to have your trolley checked in as hold luggage, at no extra charge, depending on available space in the overhead bins. Please do keep that in mind when packing children's toys or, for example, medications. Inflatable items, including inflatable balls with sporting purposes such as footballs are not allowed on board.
  • At check-in and gate before boarding, we will check that your carry-on baggage meets the maximum dimensions and weight limit. Your hand baggage will be provided with a label indicating that your hand baggage has been approved. If at the gate your hand baggage does not meet our size and weight requirements, we will charge a penalty of € 75,- per piece. Please take this into account when using the online check-in.

Corendon Dutch Airlines
Corendon Dutch Airlines allows you to take one piece of hand luggage per person that weighs no more than 8kg and is no larger than 55 x 40 x 25 cm. In addition, you can book your check-in baggage for a fee on departures from and arrivals at Dutch, Belgian and German airports. A baby is not entitled to free baggage. We recommend that you book and pay for your check-in baggage directly as the fees for booking your baggage at the airport are higher. For comprehensive and up-to-date information, please check

Other airlines
Did you book a ticket from another airline through this website? Please check all the regulations on


Can I have a pet on board?

Because of the low cost nature of our organization it is not possible for us to accept pets. We ask for your understanding. Back

Is there a meal served on board?

No, there are no standard meals served on board. But you can at cash (preferably appropriate) payment in Euros order snacks and drinks on board. Back

Until when can I fly if I am pregnant?

Corendon Airlines a pregnant woman may fly to 28 weeks without a doctor’s statement. From 28 to 36 weeks (32 weeks for a multiple birth), one must be in possession of a medical certificate. This statement must be drawn up by the attending physician or gynecologist of the passenger. A statement of the obstetrician is not enough. The statement may not be older than one month, count back from the date of return. The statement has been written in English, confirmed the good health of the passenger and the expected date of childbirth.

The captain of the flight can and may ask for a new medical certificate and may refuse the passenger by doubt.

Corendon Dutch Airlines There are some additional rules that must appear in the statement: Expectant mothers who are 30 but not more than 36 weeks pregnant are required to have at least a medical certificate not older than six days counting back from the date of the flight. In the medical certificate shall be included the expected date of birth, as well as a confirmation that the passenger is in good health and can fly carefree.

Pregnant women should not fly from the 36th week of their pregnancy. All return flights should therefore be made before the 35th week of pregnancy. Woman who are expecting a multiple birth may no longer fly from the 34th week. you can fly up to 36 weeks without a medical certificate if there are no complications. When complications are known, you may fly to 34 weeks and you need a medical certificate.
Other companies
For current information and conditions of other companies please refer to the website of the company.

Make multiple copies of your doctor's statement.


Do I need a travel and cancellation insurance?

We encourage you to always be insured to travel. Through this site you can easily and quickly take your insurance Back

What should I do if my baggage is damaged or lost?

Is your luggage during the flight is lost or damaged, report it immediately to the airport of arrival in the handling company of the airline you have flown with and let them draw up a report (called PIR report). Without this report, it is not possible to claim damages. Then reported the damage as soon as possible to your insurance company. In order for claims to proceed, you must hand over the original invoices. If your bag has not arrived at your destination, you also need a PIR report to be made. The handler will inform you how the process will proceed further. Back

Can I take a wheelchair?

We provide passengers with limited mobility the ability to travel comfortably. Therefore, you can take for free your own wheelchair. To best serve you, we want to know if you can walk distances by yourself, walk on stairs or cannot walk at all. Report this clearly when booking. Based on this information, we provide the right guidance at the airport. We recommend when booking and / or at least 72 hours before departure to contact our call center so that we can gather the correct information and we can inform you about the possibilities. Back

How much baggage can I take for my baby?

For Corendon Airlines and Corendon Dutch Airlines, you are allowed to take one baby carriage or one stroller per child free of charge on the flight. In addition, you may take the necessary items such as diapers and food. A lightweight collapsible baby carriage can be taken to the gate. Other (non-collapsible) baby carriages and baby carriages can be checked in free of charge at the check-in desk as check-in baggage.

If you have purchased your own seat (at the adult fare) for the baby from Corendon Dutch Airlines, you may take a maximum of 20kg of check-in baggage for the baby.

Are you traveling with another airline? Check the website of or contact the airline for the correct information.


I have another question!

You were not able to find your question here? Please contact our reservation center, phone: +31 23 75 10 600 (local rate) Back