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FAQ Coronavirus – (COVID-19)

Last changed on the 30th of October 2020

Dear traveler,

Below we answer the most frequently asked questions about the consequences of the corona virus (COVID-19).

I have booked a flight with Corendon; will my trip continue?

Per destination and per departure date it will be checked whether flights can continue. We will inform you in writing of any unforeseen changes in your journey in relation to the flight originally booked. We therefore urge you not to contact our Contact Centre or via our social media channels about this. Our colleagues there do not have any concrete additional information about your holiday. 

What does it mean financially for me if my flight doesn't go ahead?

We will cancel your flight but of course you won't lose your money. You are always entitled to a refund of your flight ticket if Corendon cancels your flight. Also when an extraordinary circumstance such as the COVID-19/corona crisis occurs. In principle, a refund will be made by transferring the amount that you (have) paid to us to your bank account. You may also choose to accept a travel voucher as an alternative form of reimbursement and we are hoping that you will do this when this is possible for you. If you choose to receive a refund we will arrange this within a reasonable period of time. 
Your choice - refund, rebooking your flight or travel voucher - should always be made first by using the form you received from us via email.

If your flight is cancelled by Corendon, you can, in principle, opt for a right to a full refund of your flight ticket or a re-booking on another flight ('re-routing', when possible and available under the same conditions). For an overview of all your rights in the event of a cancellation of your flight, please refer to the so-called 'DBC Regulation' (Regulation (EC) 261/2004) at:

If you decide to accept the Corendon travel voucher, you will keep the amount paid as credit ('voucher') for a subsequent flight or holiday. You can see this credit in your cost statement under the heading outstanding in your 'My Corendon' account. If you do not have an account, you can see this amount when you log on to our website with your reservation number. This credit also includes any costs paid for a seat reservation (only for flights operated by Corendon, flight numbers starting with CD, XC, XR), baggage, parking and travel and/or cancellation insurance.
With a travel voucher, you do not have to decide right away which new flight or holiday you choose; you can take your time. You can then book your new package holiday or hotel accommodation yourself via our website. If you only book a flight, it is not possible to do so online: in that case, please contact our Contact Center. If the travel sum of the new trip is higher, we will charge you the additional costs. If the price of the new trip is lower, we will refund you the difference. The exact conditions of the Corendon travel voucher can be found here.  Back

Until when is the credit balance of my cancelled flight valid?

When you choose for a travel voucher you can use the credit balance of your cancelled flight to make a new booking up to one (1) year after the voucher has been issued. The voucher is valid for all types of holidays and for single flights. All further conditions of the voucher can be found at: Voorwaarden Corendon ReisvoucherBack

I have booked multiple flights or holidays with Corendon; can I use the balance of the travel voucher to pay the balance of a booked holiday later this year?

Yes, of course this is allowed. Back

What happens if I book a new flight in the coming summer with the credit on my voucher, and the new flight doesn't take place after all due to the corona virus?

In that case, we will give you the choice between a refund of your flight ticket, rebooking to another flight (when possible and available under the same conditions) or a new travel voucher. If you opt for a new travel voucher, you can use the credit balance of your cancelled trip to make a new booking no later than one (1) year after the voucher has been issued. The voucher is valid for all types of holidays and for single flights. All further conditions of the voucher can be found under the question 'Until when is the credit balance of my cancelled trip via the Corendon travel voucher valid? More information can be found under the question: 'What does it mean financially for me if my flight is cancelled? Back

What measures are taken by Corendon and local authorities during the trip and at the holiday destination in order to travel responsibly?

When you travel again, you obviously want to be well prepared. We have therefore created a special Responsible Travel in which we give you more information about the measures and guidelines we have taken at the airport and during the flight to help you go travel with a carefree feeling. Based on the current situation, we regularly update this Responsible Travel page. We therefore ask you to check this page for any changes at least one day before departure. Among other things, the following information can be found on this web page:

  • It is only possible to check in online from 24 hours prior to your flight. At the airport, you can then go directly to the baggage drop-off point to check in your check-in baggage.
  • During online check-in, you will be asked to complete a health declaration for each individual passenger.
  • From the moment you enter the terminal, it is compulsory for everyone over 13 years of age to wear a mouth mask.
  • During the flight, each passenger may only carry a small handbag, laptop bag or backpack
  • For a number of destinations, you will need to fill in a form in advance and take it with you. Or you will receive a QR code after it has been sent digitally and you will need to take it with you, either digitally or printed out. Whether this also applies to your holiday destination can be found on the 'Measures at Destination' page.

At your destination, the measures taken depend on the local regulations in force. You can read more about this on the Responsible Travel page. We advise you and your fellow travellers to read this information carefully before departure.

Finally, we follow the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) ILT and EASA. In general, everyone is advised to pay close attention to hygiene: wash hands regularly, cough and sneeze on the inside of the elbow and use paper handkerchiefs. Do you have flu or any of the coronary symptoms (fever, coughing, respiratory problems) and have you possibly been in contact with someone who may have the coronavirus? Stay at home and contact the GGD to be sure. Back

I booked a seat with an airline or travel or cancellation insurance other than Corendon's ; how do I get that amount back?

If you fly with an airline other than Corendon (such as Transavia or KLM) and have booked a seat reservation there, you will have to ask for a refund from the airline where you’ve paid for the seat reservation. If you have a travel or cancellation insurance at another company, you will have to ask for a refund from the company where you have taken out the insurance policy. Back

Is it wise to take out travel or cancellation insurance because of the corona virus?

We always recommend to take out a travel and cancellation insurance, regardless of the situation. However, every insurance policy is different, so you should check the policy conditions well in advance to be sure what will and won't be reimbursed. 

Through Corendon we offer customers a travel and cancellation insurance with Unigarant. If you have to cancel your trip shortly before departure due to a positive Covid-19 test and you have taken out a cancellation insurance with us, the cancellation costs will be covered by this insurance. If you become infected during your vacation and you have taken out a travel insurance through us, then you are insured standard against unforeseen costs. More information about the coverage you receive when you take out travel and/or cancellation insurance through Corendon can be found here:

We also recommend that you check exactly what your health insurance covers. In addition, as a tour operator and airline, we are not responsible for arranging and paying for your new return flight if you miss your originally booked return flight due to quarantine. However, we are obliged to assist and support you in a situation like this and we will do so. In addition, we will help you, where possible, to arrange your return flight as cheaply as possible. Back

Destinations in Madeira and the Canary Islands require a health declaration with a negative COVID-19 test result. Where can I find more information about this?

We offer customers who have only booked a flight to Madeira or one of the Canary Islands a PCR test, including a health certificate at a competitive rate of € 85. We offer the test in cooperation with at a large number of locations in the Netherlands. More information and frequently asked questions about the test can be found at: