1. Corendon Membership loyalty Programme
1.1 Corendon Membership
The Corendon Membership is a personal card only to be used to whom the card has been assigned. The Corendon Membership programme is meant to reward passengers who frequently travel with Corendon.com. Bookings can only be made on the website www.corendon.com. The membership programme is not valid for other labels/brands of Corendon International Travel B.V. 

After we have received the enrolment form, a screening will take place.
after acceptance you will receive a Corendon Membership card and your personal identification number/password.

1.2 Discounts
Discounts are just given on flights only, accommodation only, rent a car, transfer and insurances, only applicable if the number of bookings reaches the required number of bookings per one calendar year according to the level. Discount on insurances is only valid on travel and/or cancellation insurance. Discounts on flight, accommodation and transfers are only applicable if they are being booked seperately on www.corendon.com

With exception of : Kayseri - Konya - Ankara - Elazig - Sivas - Nador - Fez 

1.3 Seats with extra legroom
Seats with extra legroom are being appointed at the airport of departure (at the check in desk) upon availability and only on Corendon Airlines flights. Per member you can apply for maximum 2 seats with extra legroom. Possible costs (Bronze and Silver) have to be paid at the check in desk. The mentioned costs are one way related. Who comes first goes first.

1.4 Discount on products of our local agent
Discount of 10% is applicable on excursions or other services offered by our local agent in Turkey. Our other destinations do not have such a discount.

1.5 Luggage allowance
The extra luggage allowance for “Gold Members” is only applicable on flights by Corendon Airlines. 

1.6 Number of bookings per calendar year
A “member” is entitled to the services and benefits that are being offered, if he complies with the criteria of the minimum required number of bookings per calendar year (from 1 January until 31 December of that same year). If this is not the case, degradation will follow to a different level.

1.7 Levels
1.7.1 Gold: the third level in the loyalty programme. A member is entitled to the services and benefits offered on this level if he complies in one calendar year with the following criteria:  a minimum of 10 bookings per calendar year.
1.7.2 Silver: the second level in the loyalty programme. A member is entitled to the services and benefits offered on this level if he complies in one calendar year with the following criteria:  a minimum of 5 bookings per calendar year.
1.7.3 Bronze: the first level in the loyalty programme. A member is entitled to the services and benefits offered on this level if he complies in one calendar year with the following criteria:  a minimum of 3 bookings per calendar year.

2. General
The general terms and conditions define the contractual relationship between Corendon.com and each individual member. Corendon.com reserves the right to cancel or replace the loyalty programme and the right to make alterations to or amend the programme, the general terms and conditions, the accumulation structure, participation of any partner in the programme or programme procedures. No damage claims against Corendon.com by members may be lodged. Notification of alterations and amendments to these terms and condition will be issued on the website of Corendon.com. These General Terms and Conditions and any alterations shall be considered approved if the meber uses the Membership Card, uses benefits offered under the prgramme, or if no written protest is registered within 30 days of notification. If a member does not accept the programme alterations, the member may terminate the membership.

2.1 Each party may terminate the contractual agreement in writing at any time. The General Terms and Conditions shall continue to govern implementation even after termination of the contract. If the member cancels the contract, the member has to return the Mermbership Card cut in half to Corendon.com. upon receipt, Corendon.com shall terminate the participation the loyalty programme. In case of fraude or violation all benefits are expired.
2.2 Corendon.com will make reasonable efforts to give members prior notice of termination of the programme.
2.3 All offered benefits are subject to change and availability. Local restrictions and/or alterations may apply.
2.4 Corendon.com or partners can make special offers to groups of members based on participation to the loyalty programme, like flights, hotel stay, car rental. Special offers are not valid in combination with promotional offers.
2.5  On 31 December of each year, the level in the Programme to which a member is to be entitled the next year will be determined by the number of bookings made from 1 January untill 31 December. If a member has made bookings during the year, but not enough to maintain his current membership level as per the rules defined in these General Terms and Conditions, the member will be downgraded to one level lower. In case of Bronze membership: no bookings during the calendar year, then for the new calendar year one has to restart and no discount will apply.
2.6 After a period of one year of no accrual of bookings by a member, Corendon.com reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the participation.
2.7 The account can not be transferred, bequeathed, assigned, sold or combined with the account of  any other person, whether or not that person is a member of the programme, or with any other account of the member, except as otherwise laid down in provisions notified to the member.
2.8 The member is resposible for providing Corendon.com with his/her correct mailing address. If a member changes his mailing address, he/she shall notify  Corendon.com in writing or by means of the website without any undue delay.
2.9 Any person whose membership application has been accepted by Corendon.com shall obtain a username and password allowing him/her access to the internet and any other services as described in the loyalty programme.  Furthermore the member receives a membershipcard. The member is responsible for the usage of his/her password and shall not disclose this to any third party.

3 Compliance with the loyalty programme
3.1 Corendon.com has the final say as to wether a booking qualifies for the benefits of the loyalty programme.
3.2 When a person checks in and improperly identifies under the same name as the member, no benefits from the loyalty programme will be awarded.
3.3 Loss, theft or damage of the membershipcard must be reported immediately to Corendon.com. Upon the member’s notification of a lost, stolen or damaged card, the card will be replaced as soon as possible. Corendon.com is not liable for any fraudulent use of the card or failure of the member to comply with the contents of this provision.
3.4 The sale, purchase, brokerage, resale, barter or exchange of  Corendon Membership benefits for any compensation is prohibeted. Violators shall be held responsible for damages and litigation costs. 
3.5 In case of violation of the general conditions of carriage, material violation of the General Terms and Conditions,abuse of the loyalty programme, including the failure to follow loyalty programme policies and procedures, the sale or barter of Corendon Membership card or tickets and any misrepresentation of facts pertaining thereto, improper conduct, including any untoward behaviour or harassment with reference to Corendon.com or their partners’employees, unruly behaviour on board or the refusal to honour employees instructions, may result in cancellation of the member’s account and future disqualification from the loyalty programme.

4 Personal data
Personal data shall be used and exchanged by Corendon.com and partners for the correct implementation of the loyalty programme. Furthermore, Corendon.com and partners, may for their sole usage, transmit between them, information concerning the member and the member’s programme participation. In order to enable to offer products and services as well as for direct marketing or communication purposes.