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Booking by phone?

Of course booking by phone is possible. has its own reservation system. This ensures that our experienced staff can instantly check whether your desired travel is available. If a desired departure date or travel time is not available (anymore), then we can directly into the system offer you an alternative departure date or offer an alternative journey where your journey is available / books feasible.

You can reach our highly qualified staff by phone +31 (0) 23 751 06 00

History is part of Corendon BV. The company started in 2000 and has quickly grown into one of the largest airline tour operators in the Netherlands and Belgium. Corendon has for years been a real Turkey specialist and on the basis of the great successes in Turkey we have launched a line extension. Through we offer affordable and high quality organized tours to Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Northern-Crete, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Israel and Gambia. Tickets are offered through at the lowest rates.

The name Corendon refers to a ruby burgundy related mineral and is derived from the German "korund". The burgundy color is also the signature color of We keep also faithful to our name. Corendon is derived from "Korund" a burgundy mineral after diamond the hardest substance in the world. The "Korund" is just as good but much cheaper. Corendon trips, as beautiful, but a lot cheaper ....

All tours offered are therefore subject to the terms and conditions of ANVR and SGR.